Cargo storage

Ga’ash Storage, Bonded and Logistic Services

The important link in the supply chain

Third party storage, bonded and logistic services are an inseparable part of the supply chain in any import and export process. Ga’ash is here to assist you with professional advice, and will provide you with a comprehensive answer on each link of the supply chain.

By means of a leading logistic centre, managed by an advanced computer system, you will have full and immediate access to the information on your goods – at any given moment and with full transparency.

Furthermore, we will provide you with a wide range of logistic services, packaging and advice, based on the wealth of experience that we have accumulated in the field of forwarding, customs brokerage and courier services – experience that will save you time, money and painful headaches.

Logistic services:

  • Storage
  • Collection of orders
  • Distribution
  • Stock management
  • Conducting quality tests
  • Packing and making kits
  • Labelling
  • Preparation of documents
  • Repair laboratories

Packing services

  • Characterisation of the product to be packed, and of the expected shipping conditions
  • Experienced professionals to plan the packaging, with the aid of state of the art computerised design technology.
  • A skilled team of packers, with brand-new packing materials and advanced packing equipment, to pack the products.
  • Packing on your site or at Ga’ash’s packing facility.

Professional logistic advice

  • Advice and set-up of operational and logistic systems
  • Advice and professional guidance in customer service with the customs
  • Advice and set-up of customer service for importers.
  • Advice in the field of logistic equipment, warehouses and sorting and distribution centres.
  • Advice on negotiating with the customs authorities
  • Engineering – logistic advice for logistic companies providing Third Party Logistics (TPL) services, with an improvement in the level of service.
  • Advice in the field of improving methodology and improving processes.

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