Customs Brokerage

Gaash Customs Brokerage – Your partners in success

When releasing goods from customs, don’t compromise on anything less than the very best:

Gaash Customs brokerage and International Freight Forwarding.

With 17 years’ experience in assisting companies and businesses in all sectors of industry, and a wealth of knowledge of the complex administrative and logistic processes facing you, as importers and exporters, you will find in us true partners in the processes of releasing commercial import shipments on sea, air and land.

Experts in the fast and efficient release of goods.

As part of our customs brokerage services, we will be with you all along your supply chain:
We’’ll advise you on the classification of the goods in which you deal, help you to prepare the documents for the Standards Institute and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and we shall answer any professional issue relating to standards and legality of import to Israel.
Ion addition, we will act with the utmost efficiency to prevent delays in the release of your goods from customs, and to assist you in reducing costs, as far as possible.

Our customs brokerage services include

  • Release of sea, air and land commercial import shipments.
  • Release of personal import shipments
  • Preparation of the required import documentation, as per the legal requirements: hazardous substances, Standards Institute, Ministry of Health and the various Import Licences.
  • Checking cargo, splitting shipments and sorting shipments.
  • Handling of claims, deposits, shortages and guarantees, and unclaimed goods.
  • Preparation of customs entries for air and sea commercial export shipments, for our regular clients and for one-time customers.
  • Preparation of Certificates of Origin
  • Release from customs in the country of destination.
  • Training and lectures on topics concerning customs in various professional frameworks.
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