Customs Clearance

The whole issue of international shipping is a complex issue and includes several stages. The involvement of professionals from different fields is required in order for the shipment to pass safely from the destination from which it has departed to the destination to which it is supposed to arrive. The central area is particularly complex, and this is the confrontation with the customs authorities. Sometimes things start to creak. This is why you should contact a company that offers a customs brokerage service.

Customs Clearance – What is Customs Clearance?

If we examine the role of a customs broker, we will find that his definition today is no longer what it was in the past. Not so many years ago, the customs agent had to be physically present at the place where the goods arrived. So if the goods were supposed to reach the port of Haifa, then the customs agent would have to reach the port at the time of arrival of the goods in order to complete the import operations perfectly. The same was true of the issue of export of goods. When in such a case the customs agent would have to be present at the site and make sure that the goods were on their way in the safest and safest way.

Customs Clearance Haifa – today

Today, as in every field, things are a little different. There is no longer a need for physical arrival in the port area to ensure that exports or imports are carried out properly. It is now possible to simply fill in the required paperwork, to deal with all the implications involved in the issue of imports or exports, in such a way that things can take place much faster without unnecessary waiting and without too complicated a procedure.

Who can act as a customs agent?

The same work done by customs brokers is not as simple a job as it may seem from the description we described above. It is not just to fill paperwork … It takes a lot of knowledge along with rich experience in the field so that the client will not lose money, representatives of customs authorities will not feel exploited and everything will be done out of mutual respect and consent. A person who wants to work as a customs agent is required to study the profession (yes, it is a real profession for all intents and purposes!) He is supposed to undergo special certification and only then can he switch to the shoes of a professional customs agent.

The role of customs broker –

Its function will in fact be to stand with the client in order to save the tax costs, but this is in addition to the satisfaction of representatives of the customs authorities. He will have to reconcile the disagreements that are often created between the customs agents and the representatives of the customs authorities, when he will often have to deal with the disagreement over the classification of a particular product in order to determine the required payment.

The customs representatives, of course, are careful to pay the taxes according to the law, when the customs agent tries with all his might to lower the costs for his client. For this reason, it is so important to approach an experienced and professional customs agent who has been able to do the job well.

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