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Trade in Israel is based more than any other on imports and exports. There are not enough products that are blue and white. We all find ourselves buying products that came to us from afar. Not all of us are aware of the processes that go through the products we slide so easily to our shopping basket. So if you are only on the passive side of the whole thing and you are just coming to buy ready made products that others have arranged for you on the shelf, you should read the following to understand what these products are going through and what actually goes through the importers who bring us the products.


According to the law, it is impossible to import goods intended for sale without the supervision and control of incoming quantities and of course the nature of the goods. The government of Israel throughout history has always enforced these laws very rigorously when the laws have been updated from time to time and have even changed. Where does it meet the importer? (Or the one who wants to export the goods, from the same country?) Usually when he is confronted by the customs officials, he will find out how easy it is not to bring in the requested goods. He will be forced to pay customs duties that may sometimes be very high for the goods to be ‘released’ to him.

Happens more than once when customs costs are so high that transactions become clearly unprofitable.

Customs brokers enter the picture

This is the time when customs agents enter the picture. At this stage, they are asked to intervene on behalf of the parties, and thanks to their service, it is possible to reach a comprehensive agreement and close the corner with the customs officials fairly, legally and especially in a manner acceptable to both sides.

Customs brokers will conduct the client’s negotiations with customs officials when they skip bumps and slip off the problematic issues that will arise during the course of the transaction. Besides, they will of course be sure that their client will not have to pay too much money.

Who is a customs agent?

Not everyone knows, but customs brokers are not just people who know how to negotiate and lead to compromises … These are real professionals who have invested and learned the subject and the field in its entirety. They know all the rules well, they know all the clauses well, and the fine print that makes up the whole area of ​​customs. Only after they are certified to engage in the field can they go out and offer their services to the general public.

How is the work of a customs broker conducted?

In the past, the customs agent had to arrive at the port when the goods arrived and conduct the negotiations there. Today it really is not. The customs agent will fill the necessary paperwork and in fact manage everything without being physically present.

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