Importing products from Europe

Importing products from Europe – European goods are known as very high quality goods and are very popular among Israeli consumers. Especially those who understand quality and know how to distinguish between truly equal products and products that are not really worth their price even if it is really cheap.

It is important to know that more than once the costs of products coming to us from Europe will rise more just because of high customs costs. It is not so simple to bring commercial quantities of goods into Israel and that in order for the stores to be filled with the desired goods, the customs officials should be paid – a fixed price. It is clear that customs payments ultimately increase the price of the product.

Importing products from Europe – everything important to know

In fact, anyone who wants to import goods from Europe, as well as from anywhere else in the world, needs to learn a little bit and know what stages he has to go through until he can actually fulfill his wishes.

First of all, it should locate the desired product and of course the supplier. He is supposed to do a market survey about the specific product he wants to import. It is important that he also check whether the product is already in Israel and if it is sold here. It is important to check the target audience of the product and only when all of these things are clear can we move forward.

Importing products from Europe – locate the supplier

After deciding on the desired product, look for the supplier with whom they want to manage the transaction. The way to locate the supplier can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Word of mouth recommendations.
  • Testing with trading companies that connect with suppliers around the world.
  • Search engine testing.
  • Search suppliers list.
  • Contact the Chambers of Commerce with details for a relevant list as needed.
  • Travel to relevant exhibitions or meetings with suppliers.

Ask for an example

After we have suppliers that seem appropriate to us, it is customary to request that they send us samples of the products. This allows you to compare the products and choose the desired product from the options. This is the time when it is important to check and clarify the issue of the customs detail. You can ask the vendor for the International Harmonized System Codes. This is the Customs Code which is intended for the purpose of classifying goods.

The customs detail is a code containing eight digits, and this code will determine the amount of the customs as well as the purchase tax, if any. According to the Customs Code, it is also possible to know the required licenses, permits or documents required in order to import the goods commercially.

Order and Import

After all the details are closed, arrange all the procedural matters related to the order summary. At the same time, an international shipping company should be used to lead the goods.

Customs Clearance

The story was not over yet. After the customer receives notification of the arrival of the goods, the customs agent will arrange for delivery or identification on behalf of the airline or the shipping company. The paperwork will be classified and the required tax payment will be determined. After payment the goods will be released on its way.

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