Sea fright

Ga’ash sea freight

Oceans of possibilities

Sea freight has been used by man since the beginning of time, and not by chance. Sea fright, in ships, allows the transport of heavy cargo and of cargo for which air freight is not worthwhile from the point of costs and supply times.

Ga’ash has a chain of business connections with local agents, carefully selected for their high level of reliability and their proven operational ability.

With their assistance we will provide you with a range of professional, regular sea freight services, to any destination that you give, out of the hundreds of sea ports in the world.

  • Sea freight services for import and export
  • Land transport in Israel and abroad
  • Consolidation of cargo (Groupage)
  • Transhipment
  • Maritime insurance
  • Handling of special and exceptional shipments
  • Efficient customs brokerage services for the fast release of the cargo at its destination.

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Import and Export

Ga’ash Import and Export Services

The Solution to Boundless Bureaucracy

Import and export are the engine that pushes the world economy forwards. However, behind that engine there are importers and exporters, like you, who are forced to cope with tiresome bureaucracy, complex logistics and an infinite number of laws which, although designed to lay down order, make the world of import and export particularly challenging.

If you are exporters or importers, you will find in Ga’ash Customs Brokers and International Freight Forwarding, a complete, professional answer to the demands and the assignments set for you, by the customs authorities:

  • Advice on how to prepare properly for the import and export processes.
  • Representation in front of the customs authorities.
  • Adjusting the type of goods to the correct customs classification.
  • Advice on restrictions and prohibitions in import and export.
  • Adjusting import and export shipments to the standards in the countries of destination.
  • Assistance in issuing all the necessary certification from the relevant bodies.
  • Complementary services: land transport, bonded warehouses, insurance, etc.

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