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Transferring objects from abroad to Israel correctly

Did you buy a special piano in a foreign country, or did you buy a work of art – that you really have to be hung or displayed in your home, so now is the time to know how to move furniture and objects from abroad to Israel.

Today it is possible to purchase any object easily from abroad, by making an online order or by transporting objects overseas. So what should we do before sending the object to Israel? Here are some tips that everyone must implement:

Proper planning – Before you purchase the items, it is important to understand how you can transport them to Israel, correctly. If you make an online purchase, know that around the world there are stores and suppliers who will send you the package at their own expense, or with the addition of a few hundred dollars on the shipment. Such shipping is done by sea or air, of course, while shipping is considered more convenient in terms of price. In order to understand how you can transport the item or item, it is recommended to contact companies that provide an international shipping service, in order to know the costs and how the process is carried out.

Customs fees – Any items that come from abroad, mainly furniture, electronics, large ornaments, and other large products (which are not usually purchased on vacation abroad) must be transferred to the Customs Department. If you choose a company that provides an international shipping service, you can use experts to make customs clearance easy and quick.

Safeguarding the objects – If you choose brittle, delicate objects that need to be kept clean and intact, it is advisable to choose packaging companies that carry international shipping. These companies knew how to pack each product, how to protect it from damage and thus to transport it in the most appropriate way to the country. Through the transfer of objects with the experts, many can furnish their home again and cheaply, display works of art and unique objects, and enjoy the original elements in their surroundings.