Should business owners import goods to Israel? The complete guide for transporting goods from abroad to Israel

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16 May ,2019

How do you deliver merchandise from abroad to Israel, and how to insure your goods in order to arrive at you completely and without damage If you are a business owner who wants to sell and market products from abroad to Israel,

In an advanced world, full of possibilities, there are quite a few Israeli businessmen who import products from China, Europe, the US and other countries in order to sell them to the end customers who are in Israel. Here are some good tips:

Locate a company that provides fast international shipping

In order to transport goods to Israel or abroad, it is advisable to choose a company that specializes in international shipping, which will provide you with all the necessary services, such as moving the goods through customs, keeping the equipment in containers, shipping insurance, .

Choose a good and reliable supplier

Unfortunately, there are quite a few horror stories about Israelis who paid the full price for goods from abroad, and did not receive the products they paid for, or who received defective and unsuitable merchandise. Recommendations from colleagues and other business owners, while carefully examining that this is a legitimate merchant that provides all the conditions for canceling a transaction and refunding when necessary.

Try to save costs

To bring goods from abroad to Israel is not cheap, so it is important to know how to do it to the best of the best.

Try to choose a good company that will offer you international shipping and other services such as: packing services, customs clearance, shipping insurance and all the necessary services in one place. In this way you can transport the goods to Israel at lower costs and enjoy complete and safe products.

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