"Gaash" is one of the only companies that specialize in shipment clearance in a collective registration and its workers are known for their experience in this operation. Customs services also include professional advising and classification, regulation and legality of imported articles, and clearance according to Israeli customs rules.

Our professional staff (one of the best in the customs industry) will accompany you through clearance process of the goods. 

Among customs services:

• Imported courier service shipments clearance(collective registration) 
• Courier service shipments clearance (individual registration) 
• Freight shipments clearance 
• Clearance of imported shipments individual procedure 
• Clearance of imported shipments by sea FCL/LCL 
• Preparing requested import documentation (import legality) Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, standards institute, all sorts of import permit 
• Cargo inspection, cargo splitting and classification 
• Preparation of commercial registration for regular and occasional clients for export by air and by sea 
• Preparing certificates of origin C.O.O 
• Customs clearance abroad 
• Lectures on customs utilities 
• Professional and logistic advising 

Due to its expertise as a courier service company, "Gaash" has a wide experience in professional and logistic advising in issues of:

• Customs 
• Creating operational and logistic formations 
• Customer service and professional training in dealing with customs 
• Creating of customer service formations for importers 
• Accompaniment in establishing a courier service company in the field of electronic trade 
• Logistic equipment, storage and classification and distribution centers 
• Negotiation with customs 
• Accompaniment of the courier service section in the Chamber of Commerce in all customs matters 
• Engineering and Third party logistics services to improve the quality of service 
• Writing to all three utilities involved at the pre clearance process: courier service companies, customs and Malam       (data processing systems) 

• Method and procedure improvement



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