Freight insurance

Ga’ash freight insurance

Peace and calm all through the storm

By land, air and sea – in any way that you choose to export or import goods – Ga’ash’s freight insurance will free you of headaches all along the supply chain, at any destination in the world. We offer a wide range of insurance products to cover different insurance risks at the time of the shipment, transport and storage:

  • Insurance for one – off shipments
  • An open – ended insurance policy for importers and exporters.
  • Insurance for refrigerated shipments
  • Insurance for exhibition stands
  • Special insurance extensions

So that we can provide you with the best possible insurance cover for different insurance episodes, such as natural disasters, export blockades, economic crisis, delays for security reasons, damage to the cargo, theft, total loss, etc., we will adapt the freight insurance to the characteristics of your cargo.

This characterisation, which includes the type of transport, the location and nature of the storage, the validity of the insurance, the level of insurance liability that you require and the need for insurance cover for peripheral damages such as taxation, loss of sales, etc, will allow you to receive the best insurance cover, at a competitive price.

In an insurance episode, we will place at your disposal all the knowledge in the field of international freight forwarding insurance in Ga’ash’s service department, which will be at your side, with personal, fast and honest service.

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