Import / Export

The whole issue of exporting or importing is not as simple as it seems to many of us. We buy products imported from different countries around the world (especially from China …) when we do not really know what is behind all this.

We are here to explain a little about the issue of customs that it is in fact making the whole thing so complicated.

Import / export – supervision and control of outgoing and incoming

Every reformed country monitors the outgoing and those entering its territory. There is no such thing as a man who does what he sees fit. This is the reason why the government of Israel also legislates and updates them in everything related to the export and import business.

This creates difficulties for people who wish to export different products when it comes to an amount that exceeds the norm when it appears to be a commercial quantity. The same goes for goods or products that people want to bring into the country. Then they often encounter problems precisely when the goods have already reached the gates of the country and it is there that it gets stuck at the customs officials.

More than once, the goods were waiting for her for many months until she finally reached the port, after a long way on the ship. The trader who expects the commodity is frustrated and disappointed when he realizes that in order to release the contents he has ordered, he will have to pay very high customs duties when these high costs often make the whole transaction totally unfeasible.

Import / Export – are assisted by a customs broker

For this reason, there is the possibility of appealing to customs agents who knew how to conduct themselves in the most intelligent and fair manner vis-à-vis customs officials.

That customs officials on the one hand are interested in enforcing the law and demanding the full tax required. On the other hand, the person who expects to receive the goods is of course interested in paying as little as possible. Privately there is little chance of dealing with customs and postal officials in these cases will be a customs broker.

A customs agent is a person who has learned the profession on its own. (This is a real profession, including certification!) A person who is familiar with the whole thing will know how and how to deal with customs officials without creating unnecessary riots. The customs agent would be happy to please the customs officials, he would try to straighten things out in the most fair manner, which is of course also the most legal, so that both sides would benefit.

Are assisted by experts from Gaash

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Our team is now regarded as one of the first place companies who have extensive experience in dealing with the complex issue of customs brokerage.

Anyone who deals with import business as well as export business can receive the perfect and comprehensive response with the help of experts from Gaash.

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